In this tutorial, we will start a Django project from scratch.

This project will run through:

There are two things I regret not learning properly before starting my first development job: git and testing.

By learning how to write tests, I found my workflow became more efficient as I was spending less time doing manual testing in the browser.

If I was moving chunks of code…

One of the things I miss about my JavaScript days is the ease of cloning a repository and getting the dependencies installed. JavaScript projects tend to have a file called package.json which has all the dependencies listed. Simply running $ npm install from the command line was enough to get…

Attempting to understand Linux comes with a lot of new terminology. As a self-taught developer, I believe learning the foundations of computing is just as important as learning how to code. Today, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around operating systems. Here are some of my notes.

Linux is a kernel, not an operating system

A kernel…

Alice Campkin

Full-stack developer and Django enthusiast. When I can’t find Django tutorials, I write them.

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